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A song written by The WoodenToaster and a fanfic written by AuroraDawn.

Okay, we all know about Rainbow Factory, so I won't get into the details about the story. Basically, Rainbow Dash is a part of this insane program that kills pegasi to make Rainbows. There's a some up. If you don't know the story or song, but you do wanna know them (I won't recommend it for the faint hearted) look it up.

Since we know the infamous story already, let me just put in my take on why I feel the story is wrong on levels OTHER than the dark, gory details.

First off, if you're going to make an alternate universe in which Rainbow Dash is a willing psychopath who enjoys killing to make rainbows, MAKE SURE SHE'S NOT KNOWN AS THE LOYAL ELEMENT!!! Seriously. Any universe in which any of the Mane Six represent their Elements there's NO possible way they could become something as insane as this. If our good friend Dash knew about the machine in the factory she'd have put a stop to it that very instant. She sure as hell would NEVER allow such a young pegasi to be murdered like she did in this story.
AuroraDawn and RF fans, I'm not saying a universe like this is impossible, but I am saying any universe that has the characters match what they are in the show makes this kinda thing impossible. So don't come to me with "it's an alternate universe" cause it's just a poor excuse. (Same goes for Pinkie Pie, but that's another review.)

Next, (spoiler if you haven't read the story) you killed Scootallu. NO!!! I can accept a death of a beloved character if it's something like an honorable death, like flying to save a friend or loved one, or that sort of thing, but to kill these characters for the sake of killing them for "fun" (and I honestly cannot for the life of me figure out why people actually enjoy the gory shit) is just a great, big, fat NO!
I've read pornographic fics that make more sense than this.

And lastly, I feel the major need to remind you Bronies who love this kinda crap that all the races of ponies are loyal to each other. The pegasi to the pegasi, the earth ponies to the earth ponies and the unicorn to the unicorn. And Ponyville is a town that thrives with ALL the races. For you to completely ignore this fact, turn around and say "fuck it! these guys kill each other for pleasure" (and, YES, the factory does kill its own race for a pleasure) is like saying the ponies are hypocrites. The ponies may act like selfish dicks at times, but they'd never EVER go out of their way to kill their own race to make something beautiful to the eye. It's not at all part of the pony universe, and again, if you're going to make an alternate universe in which they do, MAKE IT UNLIKE THE SHOW!!!

If you think I am crazy for saying these things, just walk away and go dig into your plate of Creepy Pastas instead of leaving a comment. But, if you agree with what I have to say about this well known FanFic feel free to let me know what you think.

I take what I said back, if you don't agree with me, fine, leave a comment and depending on how nice you are about it I will reply, but if you're going to be a jerk about it you will be ignored.

This is my take on The Rainbow Factory. Hope you liked it and invite you to tune in again for another review on pretty much anything that has a huge fandom.

This is Music Brush, signing off.


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